Midday Coffee | 1/4 Caff | 16mg

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Colombian specialty coffee, packed with chocolate, toffee and apple tasting notes. Discover our quarter caff, containing 16mg of caffeine per coffee pod. Pfeiffer is recommended for high and average sensitivity to caffeine.
  • Midday Coffee: 1/4 Caff
  • Tasting Notes: Chocolate | Toffee | Apple
  • Nespresso™ Compatible
  • 10 Home Compostable Coffee Pods
Sleep Well System

Enjoy Coffee. Sleep Well.

The Sleep Well System™ is set to revolutionise the way you drink coffee.

By answering five questions about your lifestyle and coffee drinking habits, the Sleep Well System™ will recommend a combination of Sunrise, Midday and Sunset coffees for you to enjoy, without affecting your sleep.