Midday Coffee | 3/4 Caff | 45mg

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Take me to the beach. Our 3/4 caff coffee is bursting with vanilla, chocolate and apple tasting notes. Tropea is recommended for people with low and average sensitivity to caffeine, containing 45mg per coffee pod.
  • Midday Coffee: 3/4 Caff
  • Tasting Notes: Vanilla | Chocolate | Apple
  • Nespresso™ Compatible
  • 10 Home Compostable Coffee Pods
Sleep Well System

Enjoy Coffee. Sleep Well.

The Sleep Well System™ is set to revolutionise the way you drink coffee.

By answering five questions about your lifestyle and coffee drinking habits, the Sleep Well System™ will recommend a combination of Sunrise, Midday and Sunset coffees for you to enjoy, without affecting your sleep.